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Emma Kempnich
Owner/Creative Director

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Emma is a friendly, down-to-earth professional, with over 20 years experience in visual branding and graphic design. She helps businesses improve their visibility, reputation and confidence, working with them to develop a signature style and consistently branded assets for effective marketing and promotion. Emma shares below some information about herself and 5 things you need to know about working with a Graphic Designer.

Qualifications: I began my career with an Adv. Dip. Art – Graphic Design at Victoria University. I’m also currently undertaking a Master of Business Administration, with the goal of deepening my insight into branding and the organisational mindset. It’s definitely helping me to develop a more strategic edge to the work that I do.

Years in your industry: I’ve spent 20 years working in publishing and advertising, and 12 years in my own business developing brand identities and producing marketing material for SMEs.

Hobbies: I enjoy the simple things in life: hanging out with my family, swimming at the beach, the river or simply at home. I also enjoy dancing. I’ve danced for most of my life (and even taught Burlesque classes briefly at one point). I’m currently taking Bollywood dance classes. It’s a fun and energising workout!

What are you known for at work: I’m known for being friendly and approachable, and for the care and thoughtfulness that is reflected in my work. I like to understand the clients I work for and the culture of their organisation, and take the time to ensure they understand how the branding/design process works. The better we understand each other, the more accurately I can create a brand style or design that is specific to the organisation.

What are your 5 best tips for clients of your services: 

  1. Understand that branding is much more than a logo, and your visual identity is just one part of a complete and ongoing brand strategy
  2. Aim for quality over quantity. Regardless of your budget, it’s important to be strategic from the onset and establish a good foundation that you can build on as your business grows. It’s better to invest in a well-constructed design style, and add your collateral to that as your business grows
  3. For optimal brand recognition, consistency is key and simplicity is underrated. Rather than trying to be overly clever in your design, focus on developing a simple, effective style that can be used easily and consistently and easily across all of your collateral
  4. Start with a consult with your prospective designer prior to working together. Design styles and processes differ greatly between designers, as do the project management preferences of organisations. You want to make sure they are the right match for your organisation. You especially want to feel confident that both parties communicate well, and that the designer can interpret your vision and deliver what you need
  5. Branding and marketing is an ongoing process, so find a designer that you feel comfortable working with long-term. The ‘onboarding’ of a new designer/client relationship is the most time-intensive part of the process. A designer that you can work with consistently will save you so much more in the long-term. As they have insight into your existing style and deepen their understanding of your organisation, the process becomes more efficient and streamlined the more you work together

We are very lucky to have Emma on the Remotely team. Emma has been instrumental in providing us with the right visual branding for our company as well as working with our clients on their branding and graphic design needs. If you’d like some more information about working with Emma you can see her packages here or feel free to contact us for a copy of Emma’s portfolio.

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